What makes us different

Company Cambera and son is known among customers with their innovation, quality entrance and interior doors, exceptional customer service and commitment to excellence.


We offer better entrance and interior doors, exclusive options more configurations and services.


We provide the most diverse portfolio of styles, patterns, materials, components, glass options, applications and materials for your doors.


We promise durable, long lasting and German quality entrance and interior doors in a wide range of materials and finishes.


We are proud that we listen to their users with. We apply lessons learned to create new innovative products and services.

Design / Style

We have the most extensive portfolio of models and styles of entrance and interior doors, which may be available.

Energy efficiency

Our entrance and interior doors made of high quality materials, reducing your energy costs.

Noise Reduction

We guarantee reducing noise that enters or is present in the room or building, after installing our entrance and interior doors.

Nonstandard sizes

Now you can have the doors to his old house, without having to change the size of the holes. If the builder had made a mistake with mesh size, we can make your neck to fit the incorrect size. We make any size, as are the manufacturers.

Cambera and son is the undisputed leader in the production of entrance and interior doors and doors with unique styles. We offer absolutely unrivaled quality at entry and interior doors at affordable prices.

The ultimate goal of Cambera and son is to add to your home beauty and significance. We make your doors to the highest standards and to guarantee their long use.

Entry and interior doors are designed and constructed in a very precise specifications in our own factory. All materials used in the manufacture of the entrance and interior doors comply durability and reliable operation. This performance led to additional security, extra durability and extra satisfaction for the owner of the home in which they are installed doors of Cambera and son.

The correct choice of interior doors is important to complement the rest of your home decoration. We realize that interior doors are the entrance to each room in your home and work for you to ensure that you receive well-crafted, stylish interior doors that meet your needs.