Sliding windows and doors

Wooden window profile is constructive resistant material only successfully used in construction for the production of large hinged, fixed and sliding windows. As glazing with very high weight of square centimeters. Profiles of PVC and aluminum are not used for large configurations, even candybar as hollow and warpage and twisted under the weight of glass. With wooden frames can be shaped French windows, windows, conservatories and others. large glazed architectural structures.

Cambera son and offers a variety of mechanisms for sliding windows leading German and Austrian producers: Maco, Siegenia, Roto, GU. VW type mechanisms and Hebe Schiebe and type „Harmonica“ allow formation of windows and window doors with large sliding wings with a total overall dimension of the entire configuration: up to 36 m2 with one mechanism. This allows large glass without retaining rails, which achieves maximum effect lighting and aesthetics.

The principle of opening a sliding lifting, as compaction is of the highest class. Unlike standard sliding mechanisms for PVC and aluminum were not used brushes, and the method of seal profile to sealing tires and plates. Developed mechanisms are specially designed for the manufacture of wooden sliding windows as thermal insulation properties of wood three-layer profile is highest: below 1 W / m2K.