Wooden shutters provide security and protect your home from sun and heat in summer. During the colder months they contribute to the protection of your home from cold and damp. Their use significantly reduces pollution glazing and fully protects the window from the weather.

Covers are additional protection against unwanted visitors in your home. Lock them difficult entry breaking the window of your home.

Wooden shutters are original element to the front of each house, which gives both classic look and luxurious look.

Wooden shutters Cambera and blue are made of high quality wood profiles, imported from Germany. The profiles are specially treated, in order to achieve high resistance to weathering and imperviousness to buckling and deformation. The wooden panels are further processed with the eco paints with UV filters which protect both the lid from moisture and sunlight, and from subterranean insect.

We offer a wide variety of colors and shades of paints from leading manufacturers Rimmel and Sikkens. This will allow you to get the wooden shutters that are fully consistent with the architectural style of the facade. Here you can choose the quality and aesthetic hardware and mechanisms for different variations of the opening: standard single and double doors, sliding and more.